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» USPSA Utah Section Bylaws (PDF)

Stage Design Resources

» The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Stage Design, Part 1 (PDF)

Latest Match Results

USPSA Pistol Match scores available at PractiScore

In the "Search" box type: "CAPS", "LTD" or "SLPSA"

An archive of recent match results are also available on our Match Results page

View the 2014 Utah State USPSA Handgun Championships Results Here

Upcoming Match Registration

Match registration sign-up sheets are available as a Google Docs Spreadsheet. Click the posted links on the Match Registration page to register for each match.

General Monthly Match Schedule

LTD - 1st Saturday

SLPSA - 2nd Saturday

SLPSA - 3rd Saturday

CAPS - 4th Saturday


Monday and Tuesdays each week

1st week of November to last week in April

Cache Valley Hunter Education Center

2851 West Valley View Highway
(200 North in Logan or Highway 30)
Logan, UT
Start time 5:00 PM
Last entries at 6:30 PM
Info call Rich: 435-770-9399

Major and Special Matches

Area 1 Championships June 24 to June 28, 2015.

Berry’s Utah State USPSA Handgun Championships August 27 – August 30, 2015 (see Announcements and Forum)

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Website Guide

Match Results will be posted according to club, match and by most recent date. Click on the big grey buttons with the match title (USPSA, 3GN, etc.) to see the drop-down menu with links to the match results.
USPSA Pistol Match scores also available at PractiScore
In the "Search" box type: "CAPS", "LTD" or "SLPSA"
Email the (.zip) file from the match as an attachment to your message to post results at UtahShooters.org

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